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About Eggnog

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Eggnog ( or egg nog as it is sometimes spelt ) is a popular sweetened dairy-based drink traditionally made with cream, milk, sugar, eggs and spices.  It is most commonly associated with festive holidays (usually winter ones) in countries of the northern hemisphere.

The history of the beverage is a debated topic, most accounts though point to the United Kingdom as being the likely birthplace of eggnog.  Ingredients for the drink however were expensive in Britain at the time so it tended to be a drink that only the rich and well connected would see.  The same was not the case in the American colonies where both non as well as alcoholic ingredients were bountiful and relatively inexpensive, this made it a popular celebratory drink.  Historically eggnog was served as a warm drink but in recent decades the trend has been to serve it chilled, possibly to retain a higher alcohol content.

Common Variations
Traditional eggnog is often tweaked with favourite family variations such as the addition of vanilla and a sprinkling of nutmeg.  Some recipes top each glass with extra whipped cream, ice cream or cold custard.  Traditional eggnog recipes use raw beaten eggs to incorporate fluffiness and body but there are plenty of home recipes that will involve beating the eggs through hot milk to slightly cook them and avoid potential hazards such as salmonella.  Heating the eggs this way also helps to increase the silkiness of the finished eggnog.

There are plenty of commercial varieties of ready made eggnog available throughout the world, none of which come close to the taste of proper, fresh, home made eggnog however, and that is the purpose of this page; to provide simple, quick and delicious eggnog recipes for you to make at home.


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